We will breathe again!
Artwork for an open call by @unitednations X @talenthouse

The situation we are living in now is not what we had ever expected or thought of. Small moments, expectations or habits became precious and distant. We humans now realize how important every simple thing can be.

We feel that as every day is passing by and we have managed to start doing few normal things again if not everything, but we haven't got the chance to breathe fresh air freely since the mysterious pandemic started.

So here, after seeing the opportunity given by Talenthouse and UN to show what we want to do again through art, we started drawing a scenario where we portrayed a few people feeling joyful, throwing their mask away to breathe in fresh air after the pandemic has ended. And also, depicted a girl removing all the dirt from our mother earth very affectionately so that we can breathe and live happily again.

Through this artwork, we attempted to express how grateful we would feel to do something as simple as breathing in the pure air freely which we never expected to be taken away from us.
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